Our Story

We are now in our 4th year bringing single travellers and small groups to Thailand. In 2017 we brought 50 people. In 2018 125 people travelled with us. 2019 we brought 154 people. 2020 expected minimum of 220 people. So look no further for your Thailand sex vacation. Because we are the best.

What started out as an idea in 2016 quickly turned into an opportunity. We identified a couple of other providers who were only half-heartedly offering their help. So we quickly became passionate about offering our clients a service that is not available anywhere else. As a result we will bring you to the most popular bars, the best gogo bars, clubs, introduce you to lots of ladies, ladyboys (if you want).

Between us, we have 20 years experience travelling, living and enjoying the many delights in Thailand. So come and enjoy your Pattaya sex holiday with us.

We know what to do, what not to do. Where to go, where not to go. How not to offend Thai people. Avoid scammers. Stay safe. And enjoy your trip and your Pattaya sex holiday.

Thailand sex vacation

Why travel with us for your singles holiday?

Here at Asia for Adults, we are committed to helping single travellers make the best use of their singles holiday time in SE Asia. We recognise that there are individuals who may want to sample the delights of this region. But some are a little hesitant in doing so on their own. So we will organise everything for you and we guarantee that you will get the most from your singles holiday. An abundance of varied nightlife pleasure awaits you. We will guide you as much as you want us to. But we will not stifle you. Best areas, best bars, best clubs, best restaurants. And best places to meet potential partners.

We are unique in many ways. Do you want to have a lady waiting for you when you arrive at your destination and stay with you? Then we will organise this for you. Or if you would prefer to sample the pleasures of many ladies during your holiday we will help you in your endeavours. But we will ensure you are not ripped off or scammed by bars or ladies. And you will be staying in ‘guest friendly’ hotels or condos. We will organise bar crawls to the best bars. And guaranteed discounted beer prices in select bars.

This is now our third year introducing the delights of SE Asia to single travellers for an awesome Thailand sex vacation. Asia for Adults have many years of experience living in the region and many contacts made to ensure you have a memorable holiday. So we will be with you as much or as little as you like once you arrive at your destination. And we will give you a lot of tips and advice on how to have a wonderfully enjoyable and safe holiday.

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