Covid-19 Update November 2020

Covid-19 Update November 2020 – As of 17th November 2020, Corona Virus – Covid-19 is still having major implications for travel to SE Asia. However, things have certainly improved in the last few weeks and borders are beginning to reopen, although slowly and cautiously. Currently certainly categories of people can travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines. Mainly those who have ties to the country, e.g. family or work permit, or intend staying long term. For those who qualify, permission from your local Thai embassy is required and 14 days quarantine at your own expense is necessary on arrival.

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What’s New

GOOD NEWS – Tourists can now apply for a tourist visa to visit Thailand. However some restrictions apply, the main one being the need for 14 days quarantine on arrival in the country. Hopefully this will reduce to 10 days soon. So if you are interested in coming to Thailand for a couple of months this may be of interest to you. You will still have to get permission from your local Thai embassy. I will post the requirements in a separate post. There are now many daily commercial flights to Bangkok for those who are granted a visa to travel. Previously you had to depend on one of the few repatriation flights. I will also post a list of these airlines separately.

So as we speak, the Covid-19 Update November 2020 is not too bad. Hopefully the situation will continue to improve and restrictions eased as we come towards the end of the year. Then in 2021 we should see the return of more tourists and we can start making arrangements to bring you as before. In the meantime if you wish to make a provisional booking (as some of our clients are doing) let us know your intended dates and we can send you a quote and make arrangements.

Thank you for your continued patience and please check back regularly for updates.