sunset on Patong Beach

If you are interested in visiting Patong beach, Thailand you should be aware of the Patong beach nightlife, Patong beach activities, things to do in Patang and the cost of living in the Phuket, etc. If you are reading this guide, this will provide almost all the necessary information you should have before deciding to visit Patong beach or move to Phuket, Thailand.

Patong beach has become a popular tourist destination for the unique features and the activities you can do there. Not only as a tourist, but also as a person who is interested in moving there should know the cost of living and is it affordable to visit Patong Beach, Phuket.

Beach Road In Patong beach

History of Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong was just a fishing village and didn’t get much attention from the outer world until the late 80s. The government decided to transform Patong as a tourist destination and it became a major tourist attraction. Especially the Europeans and Scandinavians prefer visiting Phuket and they call it the “Little Sweden”. Many changes took place since then and there are a variety of restaurants, condos, apartments, and many other businesses since then.

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Patong was a victim of the Tsunami disaster on the 26th of December, 2004. Many hotels and restaurants on the coast damaged and the destruction was massive. Patong could thrive from the ashes back on to its feet again and became one of the largest tourist attractions in Thailand. May it be noted after this happened the United States of America donated equipment to detect this so it would never happen again in the future. 

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Things to do in Patong

There are many fun activities and things to do in Patong Beach. If you are a fun-loving single man who is willing to visit there, make sure you are aware of the Patong activities and prices, the best time to visit Patong and the best things to do in Patong.

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Parasailing & Jet Skiing

Water sports such as Parasailing & Jet Skiing are popular in Patong. There are many places to have such experience and it will cost about 1500 BHT ($45 USD) for a person to 30 minutes of parasailing or jet skiing. Make sure you find a place where they have insurance and follow safety precautions. Check the machine well before rental and photo it well so if there is an argument about the damage you are covered.

Patong Beach Parasailing & Jet Skiing

Beach Massage

Beach massages in Patong are very popular among tourists. There are many massage spots and female massagers will give you various kinds of massages including foot massage, head massage, full body massage with oil or aloe vera, or a traditional Thai massage. When you visit Patong, never miss the chance of getting a massage from a pretty Thai girl. Some massage places have just a few to several young ladies working and it’s always nice to get an hour or two. Going rate these days is 200 THB to 300 THB per hour for Thai Massage and extra services must be negotiated at that time.

Thai massage in a beach hut
Thai Massage in a Beach Hut

Diving & Snorkeling

Companies which provide diving experience to the tourists are a rare sight of Patong. There are diving and snorkeling trips to various places to enjoy as to reefs, caves, wrecks, and beautiful islands in the Phuket area.

Racha Noi & Racha Yai islands are famous for clear water. You can see sharks and sea turtles in King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef, and Koh Dok Mai. You can obtain an Open water Diving course/ certificate or a Discover Scuba Diving course from the diving centers in the area. An instructor will be with you to learn more and get an actual diving experience. Sounds interesting?

Diving in Andaman sea.
Diving in the Andaman Sea

Girly Bars and Bar Girls in Patong, Phuket

Apart from the other fun activities in Patong, the most attractive feature of the place is the Girly Bars, Go-Go Girls, Bar Girls, and freelancers. If you are love having fun and add more to your to-do list, make sure to add meeting nice Thai girls in Patong beach.

You can visit the Girly Bars around the area and enjoy a sip of cold beer while watching stunning girls move here and there. You can talk to them and, why not, buy a drink for the lady while you are in a conversation. If you are interested, you can ask her to be your plus one to have fun tonight. It is as simple as that. It may feel a little strange first, but the Patong beach is popular among men due to this reason. The girls are friendly and nice looking and the most important thing is they are open to having fun with you. 

Apart from meeting girls, you can play pool and watch live sport on television. Apart from sightseeing, hiking, and underwater experiences, there are many activities around the area.

Best time to visit Patong for a single man

If you are a single man who is about to decide whether to visit Paton Beach, there are many things to do in Patong beach for a single man. The Streetlife of Patong is wrapped around the Girly Bars in the area. If you know where to go and where to look, you will find fascinating funloving girls here. In frank, Patong beach is a paradise for single men.

Visiting Patong alone is best for a person who prefers to travel alone, want to stay alone, who have no one to travel with and still want to travel and who wish to travel alone and want to meet new people along the way. There are plenty of bars and clubs where you can meet new people and have fun.

Between November to April is the best time to visit Patong, Phuket since the weather is ideal for enjoy the beach activities. Six months period between May to October is the monsoon season. The water condition is rough but the hotel and accommodation prices are considerably low. Take note of the ideal time to visit Patong when planning your tour.

There are many girly bar areas in Patong but these areas stand ahead of other areas.

Patong Beach Map Wiki

Bangla Road

This is the place to meet the best go-go bars in Phuket. If you visit Phuket for a short time, make sure you allocate some time to visit Bangla Road. You will be surrounded by many sexiest bar girls in Patong. Also there are many discos, nightclubs, short time hotels and other fun places all in a very compact area. Don’t Miss it !!!

Prachanukhro Road

In the south end of the beach road, you can find Prachanukhro Road. There are many hot Phuket girls in the area and you can find one to have fun with you. There are several bars etc in this area. Make sure to add it to the list !

Prachanukhro Road
Prachanukhro Road

Patong Beer Bar Complex

If you prefer to be in a relaxed place yet surrounded by Phuket girls, goto Patong Beer Bar Complex. This place is less populated than the other places and you can see it less crowded. There are open beer bars that look like bamboo huts will entertain you with Patong nightlife.

Soi SanSabai

This road is the road on the opposite side of Bangka Road and connects into the new 3rd road or Soi Tan. There are many massage places, little bars, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and more. Always worth a spin down it on your motorbike.

Hotels, Condos, Beer bars, Night Clubs and Restaurants in Patong Beach, Phuket

There are plenty of places to stay in Patong Beach, Phuket. This area is famous as a tourist destination and many businesses are focused on tourists. Patong Harbor View Condominium Rentals is one of the best places in the area with luxury facilities for a reasonable price.

Patong Harbor View Condominium is built in 2009 and there are 39 spacious rooms where you can relax while enjoying the lifestyle of Patong Beach.  You can choose the studio or 1/2/3 bedroom as you prefer. Make sure to check them for a long stay if your staying over one month.

Long Stay Apartments at PHV Condo

Soi Bangla in Patong Beach is famous for reputed night clubs in the area. Phuket Nightlife is kept alive by the night clubs like Tiger Night Club for over a decade.

Different types of bars are available in Patong Beach including the Go-Go bars and Rooftop bars. Rooftop bars allow visitors to enjoy the sunset from a higher view.

Food in Patong Beach

Various food available in Phuket as there are tourists from many parts of the world. Many people crave for Thai food and Thai seafood to enjoy the local cuisine during the stay.  There is any food from Chinese to Russian as you prefer. You can enjoy seafood right next to the sea sitting on the beach. Such experience is rare to get and Patong Beach makes it come true.

Pheukt town
Patong Beach Seafood

Shopping in Patong

When exploring Patong Beach area, there are several marketplaces like Jungceylon, Banzaan Fresh Market, and Malin Plaza. They are attractive and ideal places to spend after a meal or exploring the area. There are many souvenirs and cheaper clothes available. Don’t forget to do shopping when you visit Patong Beach, Phuket.

Malin Plaza Photo Credit 

Why you should visit Patong Beach, Phuket

Among the many reasons, Phuket has beautiful beaches such as Patong beach, Freedom beach, Kalim beach, Paradise beach, and Tri Tang beach. Each of these beaches has different things to enjoy and there are not many such places somewhere else as it is in Thailand. 

If you are visiting sailing, Phuket is specialized from sailing with its calm water and the Phuket island is surrounded by the Andaman Sea.

Phuket is surrounded by islands which is popular but some are hidden. If you prefer adventure, it is the best place to visit to explore the surrounding.

Thai food is another popular thing worldwide. Thai cuisine is one reason for tourists to visit Phuket. Many dining spots and street food available on the Patong beach.

History of the area is another reason why choose Patong Beach, Phuket to visit. There are many buildings and cultural aspects which belong to Sino-Portuguese history in Phuket Town.

phuket town historic building
Phuket Town Photo Credit Wiki
Patong Beach At night


Q. Is it safe to visit Patong Beach?

A. Patong Beach is safe and it is one of the reasons for having many visitors there. If it is not safe, people will not visit and the place will not become popular.

Q. What are the day time activities in Patong Beach?

A. You can visit the other beaches around the area, do surfing and plenty of activities to do.

Q. Where to do shopping in Patong, Phuket?

A. You can try places like Jungceylon, Malin Plaza, OTOP Night Market, Banzaan Fresh Market, and Central Patong.

Q. Where to get food in Patong?

A. Several places to check-in like La Gritta, Rustic Eatery, Pan Yaah, Number 6 Up the Hill, Kaab Gluay, and Hern Bistro. You can also call Grab” and they will deliver to your location.

Q. Where is Patong Beach located?

A. It is in Phuket, Thailand. 35km from the Phuket International Airport and about 15km far from Phuket town.